Get Ready for
Coast 2 Coast

Get Paid to Play Sports.

Innovation in Your Palm

  • Earn Real Money
    4 different ways: 2 Singleplayer, 2 Multiplayer, to start earning even if nobody else has the app.
  • Track Wins
    Complete control of your athletic progression: scout opponents, view your achievements, & view your highlights
  • Leaderboard
    What’s the point of improving your game if nobody can see it? We got you covered with leaderboards.
  • Modern Design
    We love combining old school sports with modern technology to create new ways to play.

Delve into a New Way to Play

Coast 2 Coast lets you earn money every time you step out the door.

  • Multiple Sports

    Including Basketball, Football, & Soccer with more well on the way.

  • Any City

    Like our motto, we encourage you to challenge your city.

  • Rewards

    Cash out at any time after you reach $5.


A Personalized Experience

Built by athletes, we focus on what it means to be an athlete before we consider what it means to be a company.

Parental Controls

Parents have the ability to manage challenge mode as they see fit. If you choose, nobody over 18 can challenge your children.

Count How Long You Play

Measure your progression with detailed scouting reports seeing exactly where you need to improve your game.

Identity Verification

Our multi-check security measure will prompt users to take a matching picture and additional steps to prove who they are.

Keep Track of Victories

Collect badges and achievements; but, more importantly, rack up points and wins to cash them out for awesome rewards.

Our Pricing

We put our customers first.





  • Everything you've seen so far is Completely Free!



One Time

  • Fewer Ads
  • Earn Rewards 2x Faster
  • Amazon Rewards



per month

  • Fewest Ads
  • Earn Rewards 2x Faster
  • Fully Customize your Experience
  • Create and Join Teams
  • Link your work or recreational team to the app


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